Trauma-Informed Transformation

ARI's role in Trauma Informed-Culturally Responsive efforts taking place in the Anchorage School District is highlighted in an Alaska Children's Trust blog post. The article can also be found in the Alaska Children's Trust's 2017 Community Report.

"Our goal is to support Alaska’s institutions to be trauma informed and culturally responsive, providing children and families the opportunity to heal, while also working to prevent new traumas,” explains Laura Norton-Cruz, ARI program director.
"Trauma-informed, culturally responsive institutions focus on helping the person who has experienced trauma, rather than removing or punishing them. And they offer help in a way that is just, equitable and accepting of different identities."
“The trauma-informed work going on at Northwood [Elementary School] is not because of ARI ... We learned about it and amplified their efforts by telling others about it. And now other people are asking about it." 
Laura Norton-Cruz