Workgroups allow us to put our heads together to articulate and work toward the vision of what we need for our state. For example:

  • Which policies or budget decisions would support our goals?

  • What kinds of communication tools would be most effective in our communities?

  • How can we facilitate coordinated changes in systems such as schools or hospitals across Alaska?

These are questions we answer best by coming together.

We have three workgroups, which meet monthly and include:


This group focuses on public communications, including efforts to educate the general public about child maltreatment, intergenerational and systemic trauma, and building strong, healthy families, communities, and systems. This group also addresses targeted communications, such as professional trainings and the training of trainers.

Trauma-informed system change

This group amplifies and connects people to trauma-informed, culturally-responsive approaches across Alaska. This group also celebrates and advocates for the work of Alaskans through publications, presentations, and other means. Those who are using the science and ancestral knowledge of trauma and resilience to create change in policies, practices, environments, language, and social norms are featured.


This group works on both legislative and administrative policy changes that support the common goals of the initiative. Tasks might include identifying potential policy needs and solutions, analyzing policies to determine whether or not they advance a trauma-informed perspective for the well-being of children and families, providing technical assistance to policymakers and their staff on trauma-informed policy analysis, crafting tools for advocacy such as talking points or call scripts, crafting ideal policies, and determining how to evaluate the effectiveness of a policy.

Op-Ed from 2018 Session

Statute Advocated for by Policy Workgroup and Passed in 2018 session

Workgroup Co-Chairs

Get Involved

Our workgroups are open to the public and we encourage interested individuals to join us. For more information or to get involved, please get in touch.